Farm Diversification

Lichen Studio developed the proposals for a farm diversification project Gloucestershire. The brief was to develop a landscape-led masterplan which responded to and enhanced the existing landscape features and assets of the site and set a framework for future intervention.

The existing qualities of the site include the remains of a historic building, a coaching house to be converted to a farm shop and café, along with a large Cedar of Lebanon tree – a remnant of the Court building and a pastoral field with beautifully preserved ridge and furrow.

The concept masterplan was developed with the client and design team to set a holistic vision for site, with clear design  objectives and strategies. The masterplan will allow a phased approach to the project where each element contributes to the long-term vision for the site and avoids a piecemeal approach.

The masterplan was developed around the principles of defining the site by character areas of Community, Agriculture & Nature.